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Jessa’s compassionate and gentle approach to holistic self-awareness is your resource to the guidance, love and support you need in living a conscious life. If you are feeling lost, confused, or unsure of yourself and how to let go over your fears and finally honor your truth, Jessa provides direction that can help you find the self-understanding, forgiveness and love you need to thrive in your truth.

With nature always in mind, Jessa’s holistic services nurture mind, body, and spirit with well-rounded support in fitness, diet, meditation, and journaling practices. You can find balance, feel grounded, connected, and finally know that you are enough, that you are worthy, and that you are whole just as you are. You are and always have been everything you need to be and more.

After working with Jessa, you will find yourself living a life of abundance, joy, and success.

  • You will learn to let go of negative thought patterns
  • Discover how your upbringing has fabricated fearful thoughts, motivated poor decisions, and created limiting beliefs.
  • Find confidence and radiate with happiness.
  • Love your body, love your heart, love yourself because you treat yourself well.
  • Be conscious of your actions, thoughts, and behaviors to take control of your daily habits and how you present yourself throughout the life.

This Isn’t One Size Fits All - Find What Works For You

  1. Fitness & diet – With over 20 years of experience in strength training, hiking, and balanced nutrition, Jessa is here to support your journey towards health and fitness.
  2. Meditation & manifestation – Meditation isn’t about stopping your thoughts, it’s about flowing with them, learning from them, and learning to guide them.
  3. Writing – both self-awareness journaling & memoir guidance are Jessa’s forte. Writing since she was a young girl, Jessa has her master’s degree in Creative Writing and is here to help you share your story even if it’s just with yourself.
  4. Mindful Drinking – Alcoholism is rampant in our society. Learn to own your relationship with alcohol and take more control of your drinking. If you are hoping to cut back or cut it out, I am here to help guide you along the way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Journaling, Meditations, and Fitness, Oh my!

In 3 weeks go from past, to present, to future and manifest the life that honors your truth.

Journaling, Meditations, and Fitness, Oh my!

In 3 weeks go from past, to present, to future and manifest the life that honors your truth.

I believe in daily support. No hand-holding, but loving reminders to stick with it and knowing that you’re not alone.

This isn’t “self-development” or “improvement”. We aren’t going to fix you. We are going to find you and love you well.

Monthly packages created specifically to cater to your particular needs and wants.

After your initial free consultation, we will be able to access your particular needs and move forward with a program that is tailored to you.

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Consultation and Goal Setting

During the initial consultation, we will have an in-depth conversation to understand your goals, interests, and challenges. Together, we will define clear and achievable goals that align with your desires and values.


Personalized Coaching

Based on our consultation, I will create a customized coaching plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Through engaging coaching sessions, I will provide guidance, accountability, and practical tools to support your personal growth and well-being.



As we progress through our coaching journey, you will experience profound transformation and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. You will gain valuable insights, cultivate self-awareness, and acquire the skills to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

Fitness & Diet

Although I am not a trained medical professional, I have over two decades of experience in strength training, hiking, yoga, and more plus military experience as a veteran of the United States Air Force. My experience is here to help guide you toward the right practice for you.

After learning your personal goals, we can find a personalized program for you to reach them.

To truly nurture and love your body, you must learn how to train your mind first. What you think and how you feel affects everything you do physically. When you master your thoughts, you will gain mastery of your actions which includes how and what you eat and how you use your body.

Becoming fit and eating healthy happens habitually only after you flip the script in your mind about how you think and feel about fitness and food. You have to decide who you are and then follow through with honor and love for yourself.

The key to becoming fit and healthy is to learn the foundational skills of caring for yourself as yourself. You want to BE healthy naturally as a part of WHO YOU ARE. It all starts with you.

Mindfulness, Meditation, & Manifestation

Everyone needs to meditate and manifest in a way that works for them – I am not saying that there aren’t standard practices that work for everyone, but we all have specifics. Let’s find what YOU want to achieve and make them come to life. This can help you with anxiety, heart-ache, trauma healing, or growing professionally and financially – or ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Through this work, depending upon your personal goals and needs, we can dive into chakra healing and focus on where you need the most support. Is it feeling more secure, more confident, gaining a deeper connection with your intuition? Let’s work together to create a practice that you love.

Writing & Self- Awareness

We all have a story to tell, journaling practices are essential in my mind, but beyond that I can (if you’re open to it) help you write your own memoir. Once again, this is not one size fits all! We will find the right fit for you to help you find self-awareness, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love with daily writing practices that are guided, supported and effective. 

Want It All?

I highly recommend my 6 Week Holistic Self-Awareness Coaching Package – but if you want to go monthly or even week to week, that works too. Let’s find what feels good to you and then get you equipped and ready to make it on your own.

6-Week Packages

Memoir Writing Course – Guided, Meditative, Edited. Next level self-awareness to help you KNOW your truth and LOVE yourself.


They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but 40 days is the true magical number to make a full transformational change. By fully committing to this 40-day coaching, expect to be tested and pushed through mind-altering hardships but to come out on the other side feeling healed, whole and motivated to continue forward with self-awareness, love and clear direction. 

Jessa will be there to help nurture, uplift and support you on your journey to personal growth and success. The writing we will work on together will not only help you become more aware of yourself, but your loved ones as well. It will help you recognize patterns and themes in your life, see how they have been affecting your thought processes and how to make real change. You will also be challenged to see your life, your experiences, and your family’s stories in a new way. You will have the opportunity to eliminate the limited beliefs that have been silently ingrained into your subconscious and holding you back. 


Not only is this a healing journey for you, but this could be healing for your loved ones as well. Writing your story can lead to transformation not just in your life, but in the lives of the others you share it with. 

Here are a few more reasons why this process can benefit you:

  1. It will help you make sense of your current habits (possibly addictions) and issues in your daily life. 
  2. Your memoir can help you leave a legacy for your family, children, friends, and others. 
  3. It will connect you to others who can relate to your story, make you and them feel less alone and create inspiration and motivation that is lasting. 
  4. Potential publication of your book and more. 


  1. One-on-one daily support
  2. Daily journaling prompts with specific meditations, and affirmations to help keep you on track and support continual and ongoing habit-forming change. 
  3. Editing support. 


  1. Get Inspired. Let Jessa read to you. Hear for yourself how I was able to come to terms with some hard truths from my past and how those “aha moments” have led to healing and growth. 
  2. Meditate. With an open-mind, together we will journey back into your child’s heart and reconnect with love and compassion to the original you. 
  3. Starting at the beginning. Week one starts at day one of your life.
  4. Dive in, investigate, and discover. Let’s learn together. 
  5. Homework- Each person’s story is different, and will have different needs. Depending on how far we got into your story, and what we learned, Jessa will know what to focus on next and will help create next steps that you feel capable of working on during the week ahead. 
  6. Affirm and Manifest. 


  1. Re-conviene. Before our meetings each week, I will have you send me everything that you have worked on during the previous week so that I can review and make next steps. 
  2. We will discuss your progress, and continue your writing journey together based on where you are in your journey. 
  3. Each week will include steady meditation that will connect you with each version of yourself as you progress throughout your story. 
  4. Homework will evolve and continue to change you. Pushing forward with your story as it progresses at a natural and steady pace that makes sense to you. 
  5. Affirmations and manifestations will evolve dependent on your experience with the writing and your place in the story telling movement. 
  6. We will discuss your healing by facing your fears and triggers and tackling them head on. Discovery will lead to understanding, and understanding will lead to forgiveness. Forgiveness will lead to love, release, and growth.  
  7. We will go over any areas in which you might feel you are stuck or struggling in order to break free from them and find the right affirmations and meditations for you. 


  1. This is our last week together. By week six you will have gained not only significant clarity about yourself and your life, you will have written a significant amount of what could turn into your autobiography. 
  2. We will revisit the chapters you have worked through and discuss any continual struggles. We will talk through activities that will reinforce the lessons you have learned. 
  3. I will be there to support you and answer questions on how to move forward alone or with continued guidance. 
  4. Publishing options and opportunities. 

Holistic Life Coaching Full Package – All of it wrapped up into a beautifully crafted specific to YOU bow. Learn, Heal, EVOLVE. Take care of yourself in a way that you never have before by tending to your heart, mind, body and spirit together as the connected WHOLE being that is YOU. Live to your highest potential with purpose and passion. 


Guided Self-Awareness Journaling Course

With Jessa Frances


This three-week habit-forming course is prepared with the intention of building a strong foundation of daily habits that will help you transform your negative thought patterns into healthier, more positive, and conscious thoughts and behaviors. With a holistic approach, it includes writing practices, meditation & manifestation practices, as well as daily focus on diet and exercise to create a full and well-rounded sense of self – mind, body, and spirit. This program is for YOU! To help you start your journey towards self-awareness, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love. It will take time and effort that you must be ready to fully invest in. 


  1. You and me, everyday for 21 days. It includes a once a week, face to face video call that will set the intention for the week followed by daily check-ins and prompts to stay focused and connected to the work. 
  2. You will need to create space and time to work, have a journal that you keep with you, and be prepared to eat well and move your body. 
  3. Find your why. A lot of people have children or other family members that they focus on, something to remind you that this work is IMPERATIVE to their health and your future. No one? That’s okay. YOU are enough and YOU are worthy of this work. 


  1. Self-.awareness journaling prompts with review. 
  2. Daily focus and meditation on particular areas in your life, guided by the writing work. 
    1. We will focus on tackling your fears and where they came from.
    2. Your chakras, where they are out of alignment and how to get in tune with your own sense of self.
    3. The ability to forgive and love your past, your present and your future.
  3. Healthy living. What you consume (food, drinks, entertainment), who you are around, and how you let it all affect you – is key to keeping this work going. You can’t tell yourself one thing, and then behave in another way. You will train yourself to be the best version of yourself in mind, body, and spirit. 


Our weekly video calls are where we will review the previous week and prepare for the one ahead. This is to gain understanding, and make sure you feel confident in what you have accomplished and how to keep pushing forward. 

Throughout the week, I will guide you through each meditation and give you prompts to work on throughout the day. This includes journaling prompts, affirmations, and diet and exercise logs. 


We seek to be whole, to be kind, to honor and love yourselves and others fully without shame. To do this, we must first KNOW ourselves, trust ourselves, and that takes work. 

This work is not going to be easy, but it doesnt need to be HARD either. Starting this work off with the right mindset, with joy and gratitude is KEY. You must be open-minded and willing to surrender to the work. You will face fear, and shame, and sadness, but will follow through by REPLACING fear with courage, shame with love, and sadness with gratitude. I am with you all the way. 

Holistic life coaching is a transformative approach that focuses on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit to achieve overall well-being and personal growth. It combines various techniques, including fitness, nutrition, meditation, manifestation, and self-awareness practices, to help individuals lead balanced and fulfilling lives.

Holistic life coaching offers numerous benefits, including increased self-awareness, improved mental and emotional well-being, enhanced physical health, and a deeper connection with oneself and others. It provides guidance and support to help you overcome challenges, set and achieve meaningful goals, and cultivate a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Yes, holistic life coaching is suitable for individuals from all walks of life who are seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and positive change. Whether you are looking to improve your physical health, enhance your mental well-being, find inner peace, or achieve specific goals, holistic life coaching can provide valuable support and guidance.

The duration of a coaching program depends on your specific needs and goals. Jessa Frances offers various options, including hourly coaching sessions and monthly packages. For more comprehensive and immersive experiences, she also provides 6-week programs and nature retreats. The length of the program can be discussed during your initial consultation.

No prior experience or knowledge is required. Holistic life coaching is designed to meet you wherever you are on your personal journey. Jessa Frances will provide the guidance and support you need to explore and embrace new practices, develop self-awareness, and make positive changes in your life.


Ready to embark on a transformative journey?

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