The Caim Circle Podcast

The word ‘Caim’ (pronounced ‘Kyem’) is a Scottish Gaelic term that deeply resonates with my heart for many reasons. It represents protection and is a symbol of sanctuary. When the invisible Caim circle is drawn around the body or a space, it brings forth feelings of being safe, protected, and unconditionally loved. This is what I hope to invoke and bring into the spaces where I teach, share, and mentor others through their awakening and personal growth.

A Caim circles around me and has moved with me throughout my life, reminding me that I am always protected and that the universe is always working for me. With that, I know that to reach my goals, I must have a clear vision and remain dutifully self-aware.

Join Jessa Frances, a passionate advocate for personal growth and well-being, as she dives into insightful conversations, shares personal stories, and provides practical tips for living a more authentic and fulfilling life. From mindfulness practices and wellness routines to exploring your spiritual side, The Caim Circle Podcast is your companion on the journey to becoming the best version of yourself.