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Newburgh Seal Beach

Driving north from Aberdeen take A92 to A975 and you will find yourself passing Newburgh Seal Beach. It takes just about 20 minutes to get there. Take a turn down Beach Road, and you can find a nicely sized car park that leads immediately onto a sandy path leading across grassy dunes for a short walk to a spectacular view.

You have a few choices really. Coming off the path, there is a small barn where you can hang right or left. Go left if you are wanting to get a closer look at the seals, go right if you are just hoping to explore the dunes or go for a nice beach walk or run.

This is a popular place for a daytime stroll. Plenty of other locals and travelers will be out to enjoy this beautiful area with you. I loved watching the couples stroll, the dogs run excitedly, and the children play.

The water is clear and depending on the time a day you will enjoy its tide ebbing in or out. Newburgh was a favourite of mine to enjoy for a meditative walk but only once I had a car to get me there and back. Relying on the bus was a pain!

I particularly enjoyed walking along the grassy edge, scanning the horizon and listening to the wind and waves. In the distance you can hear the hundreds of seals barking away as well as seeing their little heads bobbing up and down in the ocean’s choppy waters.

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If you are in or around Aberdeenshire, a trip to the Newburgh beach is the perfect way to spend a few hours. The Forvie National Nature Reserve has wide sandy beaches that are perfect for the seal and also boasts a large population of birds and ducks.

The beach and its seals are protected and should be respected. You aren’t meant to get up close and disturb them; if you do get close, they will get nervous. This is their natural world and should be left wild and safe for them.

Instead, enjoy the nature around you. You can take a picnic to enjoy, or if you are like me, just take a moment to sit and breathe.

Close by you can also visit the Knockhall Castle or heading further south the Balmedie Beach is another great spot, too.

Somedays its just nice to slow down and relax. The Newburgh Beach is a wonderful place to do just that.

Sending out lots of love,

Jessa Frances

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