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Hiking Seoraksan National Park

Translated to “Snowy Peaks Mountain”, Seoraksan National Park is located in the Gangwon Province in northeastern South Korea. The massive park takes part in four

Newburgh Seal Beach

Driving north from Aberdeen take A92 to A975 and you will find yourself passing Newburgh Seal Beach. It takes just about 20 minutes to get

highland cattle on green grass

My Adventures at Loch Ness

The Loch Ness Monster! One of Scotland’s most famous myths. Almost anyone who goes to Scotland has heard of Loch Ness and its infamous monster,

brown concrete building near green trees

My First Trip to Inverness

Besides, Edinburgh, Inverness was the first city I had gone to visit since moving to Scotland. I was still learning the ropes on how best

Benmore Botanic Gardens

On one of my road trips, almost by accident, I came across the Benmore Botanic Gardens in Dunoon, Scotland. Dunoon is located in the Cowal

The Perfect Day in Stonehaven

Just 15 miles south of Aberdeen, the town of Stonehaven is built around the coastline with its very own castle, memorials, woods, parks, and more.